Empowering a Global Community of Creative, Humorous Thinkers through Blockchain
We are changing the comedy industry
JokesterCoin is a crowdsourced comedic ecosystem and a blockchain-based support platform.
JokesterCoin gives the global philanthropic community of creative, humorous thinkers the
ability to pursue the promotion and support of like-minded individuals across the
globe. The JokesterCoin community will now have a full set of tools to make
a meaningful difference in the lives of its community members.
Promotion - Support - Awareness - Crowdfunding
  JokesterCoin is a community based project, currently in its infancy, that is
focusing on the comedy industry. JokesterCoin’s form and function is
taking shape from the inputs and efforts of the global comedic
community. We welcome all help and input from comedy
enthusiasts across the globe. The JokesterCoin token
is a tool that will help facilitate awareness of our
global community project.
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  JokesterCoin (Symbol: JKC) is ERC20-Token compliant and
can be stored and traded on any Etherium based wallet.
Exchange token trading is available on EtherDelta

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