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JokesterCoin (Symbol: JKC) is ERC20-Token compliant and
can be stored and traded on any Etherium based wallet.
Exchange token trading is available on EtherDelta
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JokesterCoin is Airdropping Millions of JokesterCoin Tokens to the comedic
community around the globe. Whether you are a performer or a
supporter of the arts, the JokesterCoin community can
help you to realize your life's goals.

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Tell us whether you are a performer or a supporter. If you are a performer paste a YouTube
link to your live comedic performance(whether its a performance at a theater, a club,
on the street, your apartment, or anywhere you get a chance, something that will
show us that you are indeed a fellow comedic performer) One of our goals
is to help promote and support new comedians. All tokens will be sent
to your Etherium Wallet address(symbol: JKC)